INARA is a neuroscience-backed experiential fragrance business, based in NYC and Mexico. We combine the powers of scent and sound with the benefits of meditation. Each of our fragrance comes with a 10min pre-recorded meditation & sound journey to amplify the scent's health & emotional benefits

Elsa & Youmna

They met at the 2019 edition of Burning Man and bonded over the cathartic powers of scent and meditation.

INARA combines Elsa’s career in the fragrance industry’s leading companies with Youmna’s sensory design expertise at tech start-ups. Their mission is to unlock people’s potential to align with their deepest self

Elsa Bustamante

Co-founder, Creative Director

Expert in the perfume world, her specialty is brand strategy, creative direction and fragrance development. Her own healing path led her to investigate the power of scent as a means to enhance physical and emotional health

Youmna Aoukar

Co-founder, Product Lead

Product development expert in direct-to-consumer brands and startups, with a background in design, strategy and customer experience. She is also an avid yoga and meditation practitioner

Mackenzie Reilly

Perfumer, International Flavors & Fragrances (IFF)

Rising star perfumer with clients ranging from large international brands to niche artisanal companies. Expert in natural ingredients and the anthropology of scent across the world

Matias Garcia Favre

Music Producer & Composer

Using various instruments and musical tools, his 20-year industry experience led him to explore how sound vibrations and frequencies influence our physical, mental and emotional bodies