Activate your inner power

Fragrance paired with pre-recorded sound journey to empower your emotions

INARA Signature Available Now

Our Introductory Calming, Citrus & Woody Fragrance is inspired by INARA's birthplace, Tulum, Mexico

Paired with a 10-min pre-recorded Sound Journey by Andrei Matorin.

Handcrafted by Mexican Artisans to support the local community


How INARA Works

APPLY your Fragrance

Rollon your fragrance to pulse points (neck, chest, and wrist) on the skin


Receive a unique QR code to listen to the fragrance's paired sound journey

Master your emotions

Use the fragrance throughout the day to reactivate that memory

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Not only does INARA provide a luxury fragrance but the sound journey allowed me to create a special emotional connection with it
— Francis Ruiz, Customer
A treat for your soul! INARA's meditation technique really stands out as it blends wellness, science and art in a very intuitive and inspiring way
—Ashley Michelle, Customer
A transformative healing experience. The curated meditation narrative and ‘concert-level’ soundscape were especially powerful
—Yosh Han, Collaborator
Meditation made easy, with scent
—Oscar Von Hauske, Customer

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INARA is a neuroscience-backed experiential fragrance business, based in NYC and Mexico. We combine the powers of scent and sound with the benefits of meditation. Each of our fragrances comes with a 10 min pre-recorded sound journey to amplify the scent's health & emotional benefits