Multisensory Meditation Lounge

An interactive, custom-designed meditation space. Using scent, sound, and guided meditation, your guests engage in an immersive experience where they can relax, recharge and learn about scent and its positive effects on the mind

Interaction with Experts

Awaken your senses through an interactive storytelling of our fragrances by INARA founders. Immerse into each scent and paired meditative sound journeys to transport into a heightened state

Custom Design

Based on your budget and needs, each lounge is tailored for you, sourcing artworks, furniture and original handcrafted pieces from all around the world

Social Impact

Through our partnership with World by Hand, we help to sustain the local culture and livelihood of artisans from the mountains of Nepal and beaches of Mexico, to the sands of Morocco and jungles of Haití

Work with us

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